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To make your experience even more exciting and full of love, Baby Jalebi is here to support you whole heartedly. Our company has been made out of that special love that only comes from being a new mother. We understand how taking care of your little baby is so important and are conscious of your feelings while preparing for their arrival.

Baby Jalebi helps in making everything a little more comfortable, fun and easier for the new mother and baby. We believe in creating a happy, safe, exciting, fun and beautiful world. We hope that our customers, especially the small, cute and cuddly ones will enjoy using our products as much as we love creating them.

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I loved my Bed in a Bag , It's really convenient and versatile. We used to co sleep…that way our baby was in bed with us but she was still safe. We also used while picnicking in the park & travelling as it makes for a great compact travel bed.

Muskan - Gurgaon


As a first time mom I was overwhelmed with the idea of going out with my newborn baby. But the Bed in a bag made it really easy. We would just spread it out on the couch or bed next to me and have a comfy place for her to nap or even play in . It's compact ,light & easy and clean. It is now my go to gift for all Baby Showers !!

Roshni - New Delhi


can't imagine my baby's room without baby jalebi...from bedding to toys everything is super cute!

Pooja Kapoor - New Delhi