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I loved my Bed in a Bag , It's really convenient and versatile. We used to co sleep…that way our baby was in bed with us but she was still safe. We also used while picnicking in the park & travelling as it makes for a great compact travel bed.

Muskan - Gurgaon


As a first time mom I was overwhelmed with the idea of going out with my newborn baby. But the Bed in a bag made it really easy. We would just spread it out on the couch or bed next to me and have a comfy place for her to nap or even play in . It's compact ,light & easy and clean. It is now my go to gift for all Baby Showers !!

Roshni - New Delhi


can't imagine my baby's room without baby jalebi...from bedding to toys everything is super cute!

Pooja Kapoor - New Delhi


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