Do I have to pay shipping charges?
Baby Jalebi provides FREE SHIPPING Across India!

By when will I receive the ordered products?
If you have purchased online, with a Credit, Debit, or Cash card, you will receive an order receipt and product delivery information email as soon as the order is placed.

If the payment method is Cash On Delivery (COD), we will give you a confirmation via phone and or email.

All our products on the site are in in stock and will be shipped within 48 hours and delivered within 4 – 5 working days.

How do I know whether the product can be delivered to my area? Can I opt for Cash On Delivery (COD) payment in my area?
Baby Jalebi is trying its best to ship its products as far and wide as possible. However, there are still a few areas where we are unable to ship. While placing an order, you will receive an intimation of the same. Similarly, you will also be informed on whether or not the Cash On Delivery (COD) payment option is available in your respective area.

A few months ago, I had ordered from Baby Jalebi and the order was delivered successfully to my address. However, this time, I am unable to place an order as my Pincode is not being recognized. Why so?
There were a few areas and Pincodes that were serviced by Baby Jalebi earlier; however, they are unserviceable now due to courier issues. If you are trying to place an order using one of these Pincodes, we won't be able to take your order. We regret the inconvenience. To place your order successfully, we request you to provide a different / alternate address with a serviceable Pincode. Please get in touch with our Customer Service on +91 8588850079 to know which Pincodes are serviceable.

What is the mode of delivery at Baby Jalebi?
We have partnered with Delhlivery Courier Services for the shipment of our products across India. Depending upon your location and reach, we also make use of several other trustworthy domestic service providers to deliver products.

Why have I received only a part of my order?
Each product has its own delivery duration. Please note that, if you have ordered multiple items, the entire order may not be delivered together and you would be receiving partial shipments, as each product may be delivered as per the individual delivery timeline. However we try and send maximum products from your order in one shipment.